Downtown Charleston Real Estate

Downtown Charleston real estate offers home shoppers a number of options. There are condos, townhomes and single-family houses with an assortment of sizes, designs and budgets. If you want a home that has been preserved for decades, or even centuries, there are historic homes for sale. If you want a low-maintenance, care-free, amenities-rich home there are condos. There are also many homes that afford an opportunity to restore or renovate to your exact specifications. In short, whatever you need, you’ll find it. There are affluent multimillion homes to modest locations in the low hundred-thousands. To get started, check out the list of the areas that make up downtown Charleston (in alphabetical order):


This neighborhood is just steps to Market St. and the Harbor for those who love shopping and eating out. These primarily brick homes start in the upper hundred-thousands and peak in the multi-millions. Condo lovers can also find homes at locations such as Anson House, Dockside and Laurens Place.  

Cannonborough & Elliotborough

Cannonborough and Elliottborough are ideal for those hoping to get a handyman special since fixer-uppers can start around the low to mid hundred-thousands. There are other options of newer homes though in locations around Midtown and Morris Square, which are near an assortment of stores and restaurants. 


Near the old Cooper River bridges you’ll find Eastside homes that include fixer uppers or even vacant land. Some developers here are building ‘green homes’ by going above and beyond environmental standards for their construction to offer innovative designs. As residents have arrived during recent years, so have professional locations such as office buildings and retail space.

French Quarter

If you love art, you’ll love Charleston’s French Quarter. There are galleries, shops, wine stores, theaters and everything chic about Charleston.  Whether it’s historic homes or condos, you’ll find locations that range from the high hundred-thousands to multi-millions.

Hampton Park Terrace

South of Hampton Park, you’ll find Hampton Park Terrace near The Citadel and MUSC. Filled with everything from quaint cottages to large manors, the houses for sale in Hampton Park Terrace start in the mid hundred-thousands and go as high as the upper hundred-thousands.

Harleston Village

Harleston Village is an eclectic mix of residents – families, young urbanites, students and retirees. The neighborhood is home to stores, professional services and groceries near homes and condos that start in the mid hundred-thousands and reaching the multi-million mark in price. 

King Street

King Street is a shoppers dream with high-end boutiques and trendy restaurants. Even this street is divided into three prominent areas: 1) Upper King known as the Designer District, 2) Calhoun to Market St. with tons of private and chain retail choices and 3) Lower King St with antique shops and art galleries. This area offers condos, lofts and buildings from the mid-hundred-thousands to over a million.


Longborough is filled with traditionally designed homes and located on the banks of the Ashley River. It’s popular with people looking for a fishing dock community near downtown. Homes in Longborough range in the mid to upper hundred-thousands.

Lowndes Point

It’s only this century that Lowndes Point found popularity with home buyers.  Located on a peninsula of the Ashley River, it’s a hit with home shoppers wanting water views and boat slips. Homes here cost anywhere from the mid-hundred-thousands to over a million. 


Mazyck-Wraggborough, aka Wraggborough, offers both historic homes and newer construction possibilities. Plus, it’s close to locations like Upper King St and Marion Square and offers homes in the mid-hundred-thousands to over a million ranges.

North Central

North Central experienced its housing boom when veterans returned home from war in the 1940s and 1950s. That’s why you’ll find an assortment of handyman specials as well as new homes. Depending on the location, they can range from the low hundred-thousands to the mid-hundred-thousands.

Wagener Terrace

The neighborhoods of Wagener Terrace, Longborough and Lowndes Point are sometimes referred to as just Wagener Terrace. It’s one area that has always seen some level of home construction, dating back to the 1920s. Whether it’s swanky homes to fixer-uppers, you’ll find a little bit of everything, which ranges in price from the low hundred-thousands to multi-million.


Homes or condos at The Bristol are both popular and close to “The Joe” baseball stadium, The Citadel and Brittlebank Park. You’ll find the walker-friendly area is a favorite with young professionals with homes that can range in price from the low thousands to around a million.


Radcliffeborough is popular with health care professionals given its proximity to the Medical University of South Carolina. It’s also not far from Upper King St district with most housing being made up of condominiums or historic homes with prices starting in the upper-hundred-thousands.

South of Broad

If you want the most exclusive area of downtown Charleston, it’s South of Broad. From antebellum mansions to more modest dwellings, it’s all here. Just keep in mind, homes for sale in South of Broad range from the upper-hundred-thousands to multi-millions that can exceed $20 million, depending on the location.

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